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Christmas in Edgartown

From Joan’s Desk:
Dec. 6-9, 2018
Christmas in Edgartown Weekend begins tomorrow, Dec. 6th and the town is geared up for this special holiday occasion. Decorations galore adorn the store windows and small lighted trees are seen down Main Street. It makes Edgartown look magical. The Edgartown Board of Trade hosts this weekend with a number of special events and all proceeds go for worthy causes. Stores offer sales galore! As a Board member, my project is the Christmas Trees in the Mini Park on Main Street. Each of the 6 trees are decorated by the following groups: Rainbow Preschool, Edgartown School 4 & 5 grade art classes, The YMCA After School art program, The Charter School art class, The Featherstone art program & The MV Boys & Girls Club art program. It’s a wonderful sight to see these decorated trees with their logos on the top of each tree coming together to celebrate this fun occasion. The best time to view the trees is during the Parade on Saturday at 11:00am.
Come and enjoyXmas Cover
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