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What is MV Real Estate?

MV Real Estate is more than a house on an Island; it’s our way of life.

Some were born here while others found their way to the shores later in life. We have grown up here; we have run businesses; we have sent our children through the schools; and we have made the Island our home. No matter how we ended up where we are, we all have a story. It’s these personal moments and images that are MV Real Estate

Though these pictures, events and snippets, we offer a glimpse into to life on an Island. It isn’t always easy or inexpensive, but it is our home on Martha’s Vineyard.

For me, my Island roots go back to the 1930s when my grandparents purchased property in Katama, and my journey began in the 60s. While the Island has changed dramatically since then, the same thing that drew visitors to the region still draws them today. Every time I turn onto Right Fork, I feel a sense of calmness as I head toward the beach and home. Back to my MV Real Estate.

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